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Principles of Probate and Trust Mediation

Principles of Probate and Trust Mediation by Kevin Staker

The death of a loved one triggers strong feelings in family members.  Issues can arise in the life of an elder in their waning years and then after their death that can be difficult for family and friends.  Those issues can flare into conflict.  Litigation is very expensive, and so mediation of such disputes has become more and more popular.

Focus of Probate and Trust Mediation

Focus of Probate and Trust Mediation by Kevin Staker

Because of my 35 years of experience in probate and trust administration and the disputes that can arise in them, I can furnish input on the substance of the issues that may assist the parties in resolving their dispute.  In particular, I may suggest ways to resolve the issues between the parties that neither the parties nor their counsel may have thought of.

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Kevin G. Staker, the principal attorney of Staker Law Tax & Estate Planning Law Corporation, received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Utah College of Law, and his Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation from New York University.

He is an Attorney in Camarillo, Ventura County, California.  He certified as a specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization in both taxation as well as estate planning, probate, and trust law.

Probate & Trust Mediation

In probate or trust mediation, the parties work with a neutral mediator to try to resolve their disputes without litigation and an eventual trial. Parties may go to mediation before or after filing a lawsuit. The parties and their attorneys meet with the mediator in a private, confidential setting.

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